Vrijblijvende offerte

    Prolutix is the place to be for different sizes and models!

    Do you want a textile frame that is round, more angular, triangle or with recess? At Prolutix, this is all possible with and without LED lighting.
    We can make it to your desired size. Of course it is supplied Plug & Play.

    This can be done as single-sided or double-sided. Frame thickness is determined how large the frame will be, the roundness or recess. It is then also determined whether the LED is mounted on the side or on the back wall.
    Dimmable is now also possible at Prolutix.

    Other advantage is that the photo canvas can be changed easily to take care!

    Prolutix - Ronde textielframe
    Prolutix - prisma - meer hoekig textielframe
    Prolutix - Kerstboom - Driehoek
    Prolutix - textielframe - met uitsparing