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    1.Do i have to request a quote via the design page?

    No, if it is too difficult you can always request a quote via our email address info@engels.prolutix.nl.

    2.How can I send my own photo to you?

    It is best to send your own photo via www.wetransfer.com, for example. You can send large files through this website. Please enter our email address info@engels.prolutix.nl.

    3.How thick are the frames with LED lighting?

    This depends on large frame. The smaller the thinner (45mm). Up to about +/- 300×150/200cm, the frame thickness is 80mm. (single-sided) With larger formats, the frame thickness is 10cm.

    LED lighting is used on the back wall for larger formats. (LED light lines)  Frame thickness will then be 8cm.

    For example, 300x100cm can also be supplied with a frame thickness of 45mm, but with back lighting.

    4.Can only photo canvas be ordered?

    Of course! If you pass on the frame size, we will make it custom. Delivery time 2-3 working days.

    5.What is the delivery time of a Textile LED photo frame?

    After final photo and size one week to one and a half.

    6.Do you also install on location?

    We also install on location.

    7.Double sided also possible? And can I also order later?

    Double-sided is certainly possible and can also be ordered later.

    8.A display on legs, can these also be made to measure?

    These can of course be supplied in any desired size. Both single and double sided.

    9.Can you also supply deviating sizes, round, on the floor, with recess, corner, etc.?

    With us, almost anything can be achieved. Endless possibilities! Round, prism, recesses, corners, on the floor or hanging everything is possible with us.


    10.Can a textile LED frame be used outside?

    That is possible. It is advised that people cannot reach it and that the size is not too large.

    11.Can you supply textile LED frames as vandal-proof?

    This is certainly possible. There will be a vandal-proof (transparent) plate for the photo canvas. It comes as a tray.

    The outer plate is graffiti resistant and is easily removable.


    12.Do the photo canvases have a fire certificate?

    All supplied photo canvases have a B1 fire certificate.

    13.Can you also supply antibacterial photo cloths, for example for Medici rooms?

    We can certainly supply antibacterial photo cloths.

    Also acoustic photo canvases.

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