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    Prolutix Cloud Ceiling

    Create atmosphere in your office space, meeting room or consultation room! With Prolutix LED textile Cloud ceiling it is the ideal, quality and affordable solution.
    It gives a unique look and really gives your space a WOW effect. Available in any size you want. It can be placed in a suspended ceiling or on flat ceilings.

    You can decide for yourself how big you want the cloud ceiling. Maximum size 180x240cm. With an even larger size, the cloth will hang.

    We can supply dimensions up to 180x180cm with a frame thickness of 45mm and it is supplied plug and play.

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    Now we have textile frames with fixed dimensions. Click here for more information>>>

    All benefits at a Glance

    • Can be used in system ceilings and flat ceilings.
    • Quick and easy to replace photo cloth.
    • It is durable and the frame is reusable.
    • Easy assembly. Up to 180x180cm, the plug and play is supplied including tensioning the photo canvas.
      With larger dimensions, it is supplied as a kit. (easy assembly)
    • Fire Resistant Fabric (B1 certificate)
    • Photo cloth is UV printed.
    • With LED frames, all LEDs and adapters are mounted in the frame! With larger dimensions, it is powered externally.
    • For short and long term advertising purposes.
    • Frame is available in any RAL color!
    • Installation on location possible.

    Why Prolutix!

    • Quality and affordable!
    • Short delivery time! No longer than a week to one and a half, provided it has to be delivered in a very large format. For large sizes, the delivery time is 2 weeks.
    • When ordering only photo canvas, the delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.
    • Providing the right advice, thinking along and quality!
    • We go to great lengths to make your wish a reality.

    Prolutix Textiel LED fotoplafond Prolutix Textiel LED fotoplafond Prolutix Textiel LED fotoplafond Prolutix Textiel LED fotoplafond 

    The technique:
    We print the photo of your choice in full color (UV printed) on sublimation polyester fabrics. These photo canvases are then fitted with a plastic string, which makes it possible to place the photo canvas easily, quickly and tightly in aluminum textile frames. With of course a perfect look and result! The best thing is that with our cloud ceilings you don’t have a cross through your image. Now you get a whole whole picture. The only thing you have to do is that you have to remove the aluminum profiles with suspended ceilings.

    What for it is suitable:
    The eye-catcher for your shop, meeting rooms, consultation rooms, offices, canteen, corridors, stand construction, exhibition setups, wall decorations, waiting areas, etc. By lighting with LED in these frames, they are ideal for photo canvas. With a tighter photo print it gives an extra WoW effect!

    In what size is it available:
    For cloud ceilings, we deliver in square form no larger than 180x240cm due to hedges of photo canvas. With long narrow photo ceilings it is possible, for example 700x100cm.

    Fire Retardant Certificate:
    Our photo canvases all have a fire-retardant certificate of B1.

    Acoustic Cloth:

    We can supply woven textile cloths for optimal acoustic solutions. The possibilities vary from the invisible placement of acoustic absorbing material on a frame, to the use of padded walls and ceilings that not only improve the acoustics, but also give the room a special appearance. Acoustic cloth is used in many types of buildings, from hotel lobbies and offices to swimming pools – the acoustics of which can often be spectacularly improved. So Ideal in spaces where there is a lot of sound reverberation.

    Production and delivery:
    Entirely in our own production and because of this we can deliver very quickly. Delivery time (after approval of photo) max 5-6 working days! When ordering a photo canvas, we can deliver it in two to three working days, regardless of the size! We are very well known for this!

    You can install the textile LED photo frame yourself. With larger dimensions, it is delivered as a kit. The frame is very easy to assemble with the supplied brackets. Furthermore, the LEDs and cabling are prepared. If you don’t succeed, we can also install it on location for you at an additional cost.

    Via the link below you can choose photos that you would like to have on your photo frame. If you have not been able to find a suitable photo, you can take a look on www.shutterstock.com/nl. You can choose from thousands of photos on this website. You only need to provide us with the photo number and we will take care of the rest. There are no extra costs! You will receive a print sample from us before it is printed.

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