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    Prolutix also Supplies Presentation / Display Textile LED Frames

    Ideal when entering a room, party parties, product presentation and also for events. With each new presentation you only need to order a new photo canvas. You buy the frame once. It is lightweight and easy to carry, quick to set up and take down. But the most important thing is the quality of the print and the WOW effect that this display gives.
    The Prolutix “GO” (picture below left) can be assembled in a few minutes.

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    The possibilities of Sustainable LED Presentation Display:

    • Reusable display.
    • Easy and quick to set up and break down.
    • LED lighting is therefore sustainable.


    All benefits at a Glance

    • Quick and easy to replace photo cloth.
    • It is durable and the frame is reusable.
    • Frame is available in any RAL Color.
    • Easy assembly.
    • Fire Resistant Fabric (B1 certificate)
    • Photo cloths are UV printed.
    • You can also supply a photo yourself. We can also arrange layout for you.
    • Single sided or double sided.
    • LEDs and adapters are mounted in the display!
    • For short and longer advertising purposes.
    • Endless possibilities and available in any desired size!
    • Supplied as a kit with self-assembly.


    Why Prolutix!

    • Short delivery time! No longer than a week to one and a half, provided it has to be delivered in a very large format. For large sizes, the delivery time is 2.5 weeks.
    • When ordering only photo cloth, the delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.
    • Providing the right advice, thinking along and quality!
    • We go to great lengths to make your wish a reality.  


    The technique:
    We print the photo of your choice in full color (UV printed) on sublimation polyester fabrics. These photo canvases are then fitted with a plastic string, which makes it easy, fast and tight to place the photo canvas in aluminum textile frames. With of course a perfect look and result!

    What is it suitable for: 
    The eye-catcher for your presentation, meeting rooms, consulting rooms, offices, canteen, corridors, etc.. By illuminating with LED in these display/frames, they are ideal for photo canvas. With a tighter photo print it gives an extra WoW effect!

    Fire Retardant Certificate:
    Our photo canvases all have a fire-retardant certificate of B1.

    Production and Delivery:
    75% in-house production and the rest is produced in Europe. This allows us to deliver very quickly. Delivery time (after approval of photo) max 7 working days! When ordering only a photo canvas, we can deliver within two working days, regardless of the size! We are very well known for this!

    Prolutix LED textiel display