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    Prolutix also supplies Textile cloud ceilings with fixed dimensions.
    These are delivered as Plug and Play!

    To purchase textile photo frames has many advantages compared to LED panels and light boxes with fluorescent lighting. By using LED modules, the light boxes can be made 45mm thin. This makes the frame lightweight and easy to install in a suspended ceiling or on a flat ceiling. Of course it has another advantage, because it is a lot more economical in energy consumption. In addition, we use textile cloths and this consists of one whole, so no cross through the photo. This way the photo will look super sleek. Print is UV printed as standard and has a fire certificate B1.

    Other advantage is that the photo canvas can be changed easily to take care!

    Dimensions: 120x120cm €425,- excl. VAT
                      180x180cm €575,- excl. VAT

    Included in price:
    – Advice (possibly on location)
    – You can supply the photo yourself or search for it from our list. Or search through Shutterstock.
    – Additions of text or changes photo (photoshop)
    – Frame comes with LED lighting and Adapter mounted in the frame.
    – Delivery time 4-5 working days after final printing.
    – Ordering only photo canvas is possible.

    you can order via:


    Or online through websites:
    Wantix LED

    Prolutix Textiel LED Wolkenplafond in systeemplafond